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Praise be to God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!
The Lord God is with you always: he loves you, trust in him

Friend's cut


Just thought I'd put a public note in here too in case I do the cut before every one has time to read the protected entry. the reasons for the cut are
Under hereRéduire )

I ask that if you are cut, that you accept it, I'm not getting into any fights.

god bless,
love Bubbles and Star xxx
Go tell every one,
The news that the Kingdom of God has come!
Go tell every one,
The news that God's kingdom has come!

The Abuse Stops: NOW!!!

The first thing you'll see on my profile is that I am Christian - I didn't write that just for the sake of it, I wrote that because it is true: it is who I am and it is the first thing you should know about me. I love the Lord God with all my heart! I will do my utmost to obey him, I will follow him always and I will stand up for what I believe in no matter what any one says! If you don't believe the same thing, I respect that and I have many friends from different religions and some who aren't any but if there is one thing I will never! ever! have from any one, it's deliberate insults against God and my faith: no. way! If giving me grief about my faith is all you can do and you take every opportunity you have to give me abuse, you can leave my live journal and never come back! I will. not. have it and you're best just abandoning ship now because I dont' want to give you a hand but I will if I have to!

I've had enough abuse from people on this site about this and also from their random friends who have nothing better to do than join in even though they have never met me, don't know me and have no idea what the situation is so listen up right now: I don't care how much abuse you throw at me, you can call me every name under the sun if you want - no matter how much you hate on me you will! never! stop! me! I love the Lord and I thank him with all my heart for giving me the strength to dry my eyes and finally stand up for him like I should have done ages ago: how could I live with myself if I didnt' stand up for the Lord God, the creator of the universe and all things, who sent his Son to die for all of us, to save us! There's no way I could go around truly saying I did all I could to do what he wishes of me.
I say again: I am a Christian; I do love the Lord God. If you do not like this, quite frankly you can take an extremely long walk off a veeeeeeeeeeeery short pierbecause I. will. never. change. my. faith. for. any one! Only the Lord God can save you, I pray he will.

For any newcomers to my lj, I'm afraid that recent events mean I can not allow comments to this post but if you have read this, you understand what I am saying and you know you can respect my beliefs as I do yours, please do go right ahead and add me! I'm afraid I can not accept people who have more than 500 friends on their lists, again some one ruined that for you, sorry but please do go ahead, it is very unlikely I won't add you back!

As I write this, I listen to Christina Aguilera, Keep on Singing my Song! Praise the Lord!

"In the end i'll answer to one God,
Comes down to one love,
till I get to Heaven above,
I have made a decision,
Never to give in,
Till the day I die no matter what!
I'm gonna carry on, gonna keep on
Singing my song!"
(christina Aguilera, Stripped)
Go tell every one,
The news that the Kingdom of God has come!
Go tell every one,
The news that God's kingdom has come!

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